Friday, October 11, 2013

It gets better. Except men still suck.

In my last post I used the title "I'm coming out" to lure people into reading about my ventriloquism problem. I thought the title might garner some attention because I started coming out more than a decade ago and am pretty much as out as one can get at this point.

Today is National Coming Out Day. I'm currently living in Canada so I don't know if it counts or not, but I have some stuff to say.

For a heart-warming post about how it gets better read this post on my other (dormant) blog. Also read this one by my co-blogger and bestie.

Now that you've done that, Imma be real. Even when it gets better, men still suck. (Note: I'm not trying to exclude anyone, but I don't know anything about the mating rituals of lesbians and I'd kind of like to keep it that way...)

Being unapologetic about who you are is important, but what's the point of being gay if you don't have someone to be gay with?

Next month I will be 27 and pretty much dead in terms of gay years (not to put any pressure on you). I pretty much started looking for a husband when I was 17. Since then, men have continued to reel me in and let me down. But I don't stop looking because I love men. By now my friends are used to me being super excited about a guy on Monday and devastated by the weekend.

The road to romance is long and bumpy and full of whining to friends about how your heart got broken again, but it gets better. By that I mean that you eventually acquire a close group of friends who hate you because you never shut up and not for the content of what you never shut up about. Those are real friends.

Love is hard and men suck, but at least I don't have explain why I sparkle in the sunlight. Being gay is fabulous. Enjoy it.


  1. I heart you faux-edward cullen and i would husband the SHIT outta you if I had the appropriate hardware. Alas, I'm a lady (I mean, not very ladylike at ALL, but a lady nonetheless). But I think you're pretty awesome.